Positions Available

Post-doctoral positions are available in the Ashrafi lab at the University of California, San Francisco to study metabolic regulation of learning and memory in C. elegans and mice.


Job Summary

Post-doctoral positions are available immediately to highly motivated individuals interested in fundamental mechanisms by which complex processes such as metabolic state, developmental stage, and aging affect learning and memory. Projects incorporate multiple experimental systems (C. elegans, mammalian tissue culture, mice) and multiple approaches (molecular genetics, imaging, biochemistry and cell biology, behavioral analyses, small molecule chemistry). While the focus is on understanding fundamental mechanisms at the molecular level, the projects have great therapeutic potential for a broad range of conditions associated with cognitive decline.  For a list of publications please see (https://physiology.ucsf.edu/content/ashrafi-kaveh-phd).


Members of the Ashrafi lab have access to world-class facilities, resources, and the rich scientific and collaborative environment of UCSF.  Training, mentorship and career development are taken seriously and actively engaged in. Core values of UCSF and the Ashrafi lab are Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence.

A PhD, and/or MD with research experience in basic science, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work interactively are required.  Also required are relevant research experience such as molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, and/or genetics in any experimental system, evidence of productivity, and strong references from individuals that can comment on the candidate’s research skills, motivations, and ability to work as part of a team. 

To Apply

Please send CV and a brief description of research goals to [email protected].